A few kilometers from Padua we find the so-called Venetian walled city: Cittadella.

Its walkway is unique in Europe and entirely passable: you walk on the walls at 15 meters height in complete safety, throughout 32 towers and turrets and 4 beautiful bastions. Very enjoyable to discover also the historic center, the square and the cathedral.


Venice is a unique place and can be reached by many means of transport more comfortable than cars and very close to the hotel such as train and bus. Every description of the beauty of Venice is superficial: you have to visit it.
The Basilica of San Marco with its tower and its piazza with the same name await you with events and exhibitions throughout the year.

Euganean Spas

Another interesting area to visit is the Euganean spa area, the largest in Europe, nestled in the green hills with its parks, the Praglia abbey, the historic gardens and the excellent cellars to taste the local wines accompanied by cold cuts, bigoli and polenta typical of the area.

Riviera del Brenta

In the surroundings of Padua, which can also be reached with the famous Burchiello, you will find the splendid Venetian villas, built during the Serenissima Republic by Venetian nobles. The most famous villa is Villa Pisani which can be visited all year round.


Our hotel is close to the center of Padua and we recommend only some of the many monuments to visit, such as the Scrovegni Chapel with Giotto’s paitings, the Basilica of Saint Anthony visited by thousands of faithful every year, which is close to Prato della Valle , one of the largest squares in Europe.
Near Palazzo della Ragione you will find the three most beautiful squares of Padua, where you can enjoy an aperitif in the shadow of the famous clock tower overlooking Piazza dei Signori.